well...i have to admit, i podt on the elec. forum alot but know nothing about modding.....so:
could i put a locking nut on my old Ibanez GRX-140? It goes outta tune all the time and i would use it alot more if it didnt? How hard would this be? How much etc?
thanks for any help
http://www.ibanez.co.jp/world/products/eg/grx40jjumpstart/GRX40_CA_28_01.jpg .....yes my old guitar is this one (in black), i know. But now i have an Ibanez Radius (yay!)

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Just get locking tuners and a graphtec nut, alot easier, alot.
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Agreed that would be alot easier and most likely cheaper too...and try using bullet strings instead of balls
actally, i'm pretty sure fender makes bullet strings, although i agree that ernie ball super slinkies rule! and also bullet ends help the strings to sit nicer apparently, my friend has a set on his strat, they feel quite nice
^ yea i just looked it up, they are fender, oh well. that would have been really really funny if someone actually recommended a squier product over an ernie ball one

btw do you know more sepcifically how they sit better?
well the end where the ball is is a different shape, it's shaped like a bullet, hence the name. It provides the string with more stability than a normal ball and it is meant to have extra contact with the saddle or wherever its connecting to. All of this is only a vague idea, having heard it from an ex-bandmate. But i think it's correct.
suposivly the bullets help them sustain 2
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