ok my band are headlineing a gig soon and we need one more song and we want a classic not like hendrix but like a riff everyone knows we play most rock like
Foo fighters
We are scientists
arctic monkeys
fall out boy

this kinda of music any ideas??

foo fighters and chili peppers shouldn't even be in the same thread as fall out boy. fall out boy arn't even musicians. their in it for the money, the girls, and the fame.
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What exactly is a powerchord?

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My trouser snake is friendly. If you pet him, he might even do a trick! think I'm going to hell for that one.
keep them coming

And me personaly Hate Fall out boy so much but rest of band like it so i got no choice really but yeah i do hate them
Iron Man by Black Sabbath.....everyone has herd and will recognize the riff from somewhere, but not everyone knows the song.