I don't know what to get! I want to sound metal/punkrockish but strats cant do that (i have a fender std. strat).
I really want a les paul, but i heard that they're really heavy, the pick-ups suck and they LOVE to go out of tune. But MCR uses them and they dont have a prob. I want a Warrior, but the can only to hard rock to metal, so i would have to switch guitars every so often! Please help! (i would like some info if the stuff on the lp is true, ty)
uh.. MCR sucks anyways so that doesnt matter... i dont like les pauls... theyre not really heavy they have a lighter sound... jacksons are heavy... but you can make them sound lighter by changing amp settings... id go with the jackson
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uh.. MCR sucks anyways so that doesnt matter...


I heard the warrior is a hollowbody...from jackson's site.... what about the fender not being able to play punk rock? and ive heard lp's not a light sound... many hard rockers use em (slash, that one dude from taking back sunday...)

uhhh. woops i meant heavy as in weight
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Les Pauls aren't that Heavy if you get a good one lol. They come in at around 8lbs. My Firebird is heavier (11.5lb). Les Pauls are nice. I don't think that Jackson is hollowbodied, but don't quote me on it. Anyway, which Epi Les Paul are you thinking about?? That would better help us to determine specs and which would be preferable.
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ok, ty it isnt heavy, the guitar im talkin about is the epi les paul std. (not plain top) ebony.
well should i go with the epi or jackson?

MCR type crap i want to play btw, line 6 spider II 15 watt is my amp no pedals or anything
lp...nah.....jackson! hell yah
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is it better or are you a fan boy?

plus whats the better guitar for punk rock?
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