Okay I got this half stack that has a 60 watt tube head and a 4-OHM Cabinet from a brand I never heard of called Hartke. It's a decent amp and loud enough to hurt the ears, i was so excited to acually keep up with my drummer. One day I traveled to his house and jammed and I had the amp practicually full blast. Days later I noticed a sort of "Vibrating" sound as I played. Did I damage my amp? It sounds like the bottem left speaker is loose or something. Should I be concerned, and if I should, what should I do to fix or avoid it? Please Help.
you could havea slightly loose speaker. Sometimes the extra vibrations from playing louder can shakesomething slightly lose. If it's not bothering you too much, i would suggest just leaving it and then listening for it getting worse. If it gets to the point where it's prominent, or its really worrying you, take into a shop and ask them to have a quick look at it for you. If no repairs are need it shouldn't cost you anything, depending on where you go. But as i said, if it's not too prominent and not annoying you then leave, but listen for it getting worse.