Hey i would like you advice on what is better out of the pod 2.0 or the zoom g2
well i have a Zoom G2.1u which is the same, just the .1u has an expression pedal, and its great, its an amazing pedal, loads of effects and easy to use. ive never played with a pod 2.0 so i wudnt know about it. the Zoom G2.1u cost me £109 so if u can id get that.
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POD. The Zoom's models suck in comparison.

Also I've heard talk from the POD guys that the 2.0 sounds better than the XT, so don't think that because it's older and cheaper it's going to be worse.
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Having owned a pod, I'd say that it's far superior to the zoom, and it's only about £10 more.
It really is good value... I only sold mine to buy a marshall tube amp, and to be honest, I would have kept it if I had the money.
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yeh pods are much better, the amp models a lot nicer and smoother..............effects IMO better. zooms just give a fizzy bassy distortion.
Of those 2, the POD 2.0 is definately the better. Although I'd seriously consider saving up and getitng a POD Xt instead. I've played both, and IMO, there's no comparing. The XT slays the 2.0 by a mile, both in terms of tone and options.
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