I need two speaker cables... what's the difference in like a 14 gauge and a 12 gauge cable? Any really good cables that are relativly cheap? I have a Randall RH200 head that outputs 200 watts stereo.
Any SPEAKER cable will do just as good as any other ya know. 14 gauge cables are a little thinner then 12 gauge cables. but pretty much as long as theyre SPEAKER cables it wont matter.
just by something really cheap, it's all the same basicall. The only difference would be the strength of plug and casing, and what if it is gold tipped or not.
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Spending money on the best cables you can afford is always reccomended because it DOES make a difference. I get all my cables custom made by the guy at www.bayoucables.com . They are really good quality and everything from length, gauge, color, connectors, etc is all built by hand to order for you
14 is a bit thinner. You can use a mono guitar cble if u rele wanna. doesnt sound teh best (not a huge difference but i could tell) Yorkvilel speaker cables are OK IMO, i use a 5 foot 12 gauge from tehm to connect my amp to my 4x12. works fine