I'm thinking about having a guitar built for me and I have heard that EMG pickups are awesome, but there are a few things i would like to know:

1. Are the descriptions on the EMG site accurate or should I concider them just metal pickups?

2. I am wanthing a H S H setup on my guitar, what would go well in that situation? (i like the look of the 89 active humbuckers)

3. I play alot of different styles, from blues to metal tbh. Would EMGs be suitable or should I get some duncans or some other passive pickups?

Thanks muchly,

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i have and esp ec-1000 with 2 emg81's and they work for blues to country to anything. you just work with em and can get a great tone. the 89's are great also. u wont regret the buy. emg's are pretty hot but to just turn the treble down on ur guitar and they sound great. good luck
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