hey guys is this any good im gonna try one out tomoorw just want some imput on the styles that you can get from in and that.

plus is it only for recording stupid question maybe, but could an amp really tarnish the pure signal path?
It can be used both live and recording. The POD XT Live is a floorboard which is perfect for live applications. You can get any sound you want with a POD, you'll be amazed, you basically end up wtih access to every type of effect, amp model...etc.
There's a difference between the POD 2.o and PODxt (I'm sure you're aware of, but just in case..)

The POD 2.0 has less amps and effects when stacked against the PODxt series

PODxt is upgradable and has the option of modelpacks which the POD 2.0 doesn't have.

Hope it helps
I own the pod XT and I swear by it. I have used both the POD 2.0 and XT and no question the XT is hands down an improvement.

It takes a little getting used to, from the customizing aspect but overall a very sweet addon to any setup.

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POD Xt is definately worth the upgrade price over the POD 2.0. There's no contest here. The POD 2.0 is a good practice tool, but if you want serious tone, then the Xt is the way to go.

And from blues to rock to jazz to surf to metal, there's no tone the Xt can't do, even with only its default amp models.
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I bought Line 6 POD 2.0 and I keep I love it, there are so many options, the Xt is probably better when you learn what you can do with it, just depends on how much money you want to shell out!