i know its my second thread in a row but i dont have regular access to the net and dont want to wait 4 weeks for the answer to this.

how do you fingure out and play the vocal part on guitar.

hell how do you figure out the notes in a vocal line anyways?

ok thanx and sorry about the double posting
A vocal part is made up of notes just like any other form of music. You simply find out what notes you're singing and play those notes on your guitar. You figure out vocal parts the same way you figure out any guitar or piano part.
basically just get the pitch in your head, of have it playing, and try different pitches on your guitar (or piano, or any other instrument) until u get the same pitch
but if u cant keep the pitch in your head it might be kinda hard cuz ull have to listen to it over and over,
once u get one pitch, its easier to get the rest cuz u can tell if it goes up or down.
You can usually figure it out by ear.

If the song has a solo, sometimes the solo is the notes that the vocalist is singing just on guitar (especially in the genres of punk and grunge, such as "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana). Other times, the solo is closely based on the vocalist's notes.

Good luck, mate.
If you have a copy of Guitar Pro, most songs files have the notes for vocal melodies transcribed in tab format for guitar. Very cool feature.
listen to Blindman in the Dark by Gov't Mule, it has a part that Warren Haynes plays the same notes on the guitar and sings those same notes at the same time, it sounds cool
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