would it be better to get the Epiphone valve junior and a rocktron velocity 112 speaker, or get the roland cube 30 (or the vox, its counterpart).
the epi is only 5 watts, but its all tube, so it should still be plenty loud. im not doing any gigging, but i do turnit up every now and then. and i have a dist pedal, so the lack of any knobs isnt a big deal.
both are about the same price, so im just wondering here. it depends on money i get for my B-Day

any imput?

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the cube and vox have a lot of effects which the epi doesnt have. In your case I would go with a cube because you like megadeth and slayer, which is what the cube is best suited for.
but the pedal should give the right distorted tone, i figure tubes would be better, wouldnt it? i still use a fair amount of cleans, and i imagine the tubes would be again, better for it.
Well I'd go with the vox cause it's a badass amp

It's a hybrid too which doesnt make that much of a difference but still it sounds a little better than other solid state amps ive played
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if your more into metal, go for the roland cube
if your more into a rock tone, then the vox valvetronix hands down
for christs sake people, its not about the roland or vox.
its about the epi/rocktron vs. the roland or vox.
im leaning towards the epi, unless i can get reasons why not to.
On ur list up there I'd go with the cube, but like the others im also gonna recommend a Vox
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I think everyone pretty much ruled out the Epi

You just dont get many effects with it is the reason people ruled it out
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well, i dont need effects.
my pedal = distorted tones
amp = clean sounds.
i'm set.

anyone have reasons not to?