NEED HELP! I was cleaning my guitar and I replaced my strings and once i started playing up on the higher frets on my high e string, I realized that my 20th fret was the same note as the 21st fret and I couldn't bend a full step from frets 13-20. How do i fix this?
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Your pickups might be blocking the string vibrations- if you raised them- check to see the strings have a clear vibration area.
Did you change the stringe guage? If your action is really low and you change to a higher guage, you're going to have interference. All you have to do is intonate the guitar again and adjust the action.
Maybe check the truss rod to see if the neck is straight, as it may have bent if you put on different gauge strings. I dont know if that can cause your problem but check anyway.
I didn't change the string gauge....i've alaways used .10-.46 gauges and i didn't raise my pickups. i only get the right note if i press down hard on the 20th fret then it'll stop sounding like the 21st fret.
i double checked again and i forgot to say this is on my high e string....all my other strings are fine. and i checked and it seems that my e string is a bit too low, not low enough that it touches the pickups but it's pretty damn low. how do i adjust it?

....i have an epiphone g-400
Hopefully there is some way of adjusting individual string height on your bridge. what type of guitar is it?
i have an sg.....the bridge has those screws and i can't really tell how i can raise it beacuse it just goes back and forth.
on the tune-o-matic bridge, there's a flathead screw on one side, atleast there should be, raise that by loosening it (counter clockwise) that'll raise the strings, or you could move the saddle on the bridge closer to the neck (although I hear this changes the intonation of the guitar?)
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If it doesnt have individual string height adjustment you will have to raise that side of the bridge.
The fret may have raised, check to be sure that side of the fretboard has level frets.
i got it now. thanks green box and everyone who replied to this forum.
i got the same problem, except its only one string on the tenth fret. it bugs me.