Hey, so heres my problem: I'm thinking about getting a new guitar soon, and I was looking at a Jackson RR5, only problem is, this guitars ugly as hell with all the gold hardware and whatnot, and that kind of put me off it, so are there any alternate V axes you can tell me aboot within the £500 to £600 range that are comparable to the RR5 (and I'm not talking about downgraded versions of the RR5 like the RR3)?

Heres some of the basic specs for the RR5:

# Maple neck-thru body
# Rosewood fingerboard
# 22 Fret / 25.5"" scale / 1 11/16" nut
# USA Seymour Duncan neck pickup
# USA Seymour Duncan bridge pickup
# JT390 Tunamatic with Strings-Thru Body

Mucho gracias!
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save up buy a gibson, gibson, gibson, gibson or and epiphone! but jacksons are good to but i suggest gibson its worth it!
Can't save up, my moms buying it for me, and that's the budget, besides, I'm not much of a gibson guy anyway....
What Comes Before Part B? Partaaaaay!

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lmao psykopoo ur a bloody genius!
Maybe a LTD DV-200 only thing is it dosent have a neck through
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i have a gibson but I am getting a jackson to play heavy music. and my gibson is for the lighter stuff
If you know what I mean
if your looking online for a guitar. i really doubt that they would have it at the store.
If you know what I mean
Epiphone 1956 Gothic Flying V $400 Usd

*maple neck set, alder body
*string thru
*2 Alnico V 'Buckers

Itd be awesome with a change of pups
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Any Epiphone V and a new set of pups should work fine. Maybe the Goth Flying V? Mahogany body, mahogany set neck, ebony fingerboard...With new pups it should be really nice. Really, any of the Epi V's with a pickup swap would be great.

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