alright, i know i posted this before well not exactly this one, i changed this one up more. the only problem is i cant remember if i really posted this newer one yet, if i did, delete this, if not then i guess if you want to, take a listen. Crit for Crit. enjoy and thanks in advanced.

anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
i thought it sounded really good
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I'm impressed. I like how you did the little speech like the original. Your tone is spot on. You changed some of the riffs but I mean that's cool, you're making it your own. For the most part they were good. At times they seemed like your rushing the riffs a little bit too much. But overall it was a great cover. It's an awesome song and i'm glad to see somebody attempt it.
Hey great job with this cover i loved the original and you did a great job with this one i wanted to ask you though what settings did you use cause i've been wanting to remake this forever but haven't been able to find the sounds yet
well settings, let see i had it on botique OD on my VOX, and about half gain, 3/4 of treble, about half of mids, bass all the way, reverb about 1/4 on, as for those other effects thank cool edit pro for those, it was like, tube distortion, um some cool ass delay effects and stuff, but those other effects came from the cool edit pro except the wah, that was my wah, i love it.
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
It was very nice... Very Eddie Hazel, you seem to have got all the EQ settings right also. I really want to do my own cover of that now, I've always thought it was such an awesome song (see avatar). Hazel could give Hendrix a run for his money on tracks like this. Did you learn a lot of the soloing or was more of it just improvising?
well i just looked at the tab that was on this site, an i learned most of that. After that it was just all improv, thanks for listening guys.
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know