I actually submitted a request for a band promo, but it's still at "W", so i'll just post them here. They're recorded on a tascam 4-track with a 10 dollar microphone. Any and all comments are appreciated.

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Just listening to all my love d'arcy ... very strange, you need to work on the flow of the song, it seems like four different songs, work on the transactions between the verse/ chorus ect...
Tangerine scream: excellent intro, very like the smashing pumpkins... man im lovin this, cool picking... vocals suit perfectly... i like the acoustic struming very well phrased... didnt like the way everything stopped, the picking is too bare... dont know if the electric suits? overall, i really like it...

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at first, I hated it...then ten minutes and three or four songs later, and I can't get enough. I'm a musician that really enjoys emo, pop punk, catchy sounds, but this is just brilliance all the way through. Some of your songs, namely all my love d'arcy, seem sparatic and just completely out there, but it really is organised well. Great stuff here, wish I had more to say!
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thanks guys, it means a lot.

And to soundofseattle, i'll for sure give you a comment once i get a chance to listen to your stuff.
great vocal tone, but try to stay in key. makes me want to smoke a doobie and get drunk as hell; like it.