alright so i just ordered my boss gt6 off of ebay and it should be arriving in a day or two. i also recently ordered my prs santana se (in green ). i'm running the prs into a boss metal zone then into the gt6 and finally into a 100w ibanez toneblaster, which is proble the next think i'm gonna have to upgrade. i mean i would liek to purchase the ibanez rg7321, but the amp DEFINATELY is more important. umm...any suggestions for like under 650 or 700 for a new amp? i play alot of metal, hard rock, prog rock, classic, etc.


randall G3 half stack or a tube combo

you could go crate... i play one and it works quite well for metal.
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fender hot rod deluxe with an overdrive pedal should handle most of those.

p.s wrong section mate and if the mods are nice enough to move this into the gg&a can they please.