one of my alltime favorite metallica songs

I got the rythm down... nothing hard

I got the intro lead down, not THAT hard either

and I've got off my ass and finally learned the outro

I can do the fast part at the beginning of the outro

but i can't get the last fast part to sound right with my guitar plugged in
ie. E-----------15p12--14p12-- and so on

frankly anything with that pattern doesn't sound right when i'm playing through the ol' amp because with distortion the B string dominates and so on

I browsed the lessons, searched google and i got nothing.

Any tips and tricks, links, video.. .anything that would help would be appreciated

I only play to relax from school and work, I am not into theory, If i like the sound of something I try and learn it

(I can play the stuff and make it sound right without and amp)
Ok...When I was learning those 2 parts I had same trouble as you, what I suggest is that you use your finger dexterity to your benefit, tap part of it, slowly, and gradually increase speed. Then you can add the pick, that's what worked for me for the second part. As for the first part, sweep it and use your ring and your index finger to do the pulloffs but in their own "system" , that means don't pick it, look up sweep picking and learn it, even minor sweep abilities will help you with that solo.

Good luck.
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Do you know alternate picking? That is one technique that will help you a lot with this song. Also, just try practicing these licks to help get that down, but try them slow at first.

E l----------15p12----
B l-------------------12

E l------15p12-14p12----
B l------------------------15
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thanks for your replys

I can play it, but I the i keep my finger on the B string at all times

like plant my index on 12 over E and B string, and then use my pinky and ring finger to play the pulloffs

but this means that the B string keeps ringing and with the gain up its completely dominates and when i do the pulloffs on the E string its not decernable... should i roll my index finger like in sweep picking?

i remmembered it wrong

i'm gonna roll my finger... can't believe I haven't thought of that till now
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