this ones strange, now i understand the genre pending statement... its not something i'd be familiar with so i dont know how to go about a crit... the build up was nice, it seems to change every minute which saves it from becoming repedative... once the industrial guitar came in it reminded me somewhat of NIN... overall i didnt know quite what to make of it, nevertheless i did like it, it had some good guitar and seemed flawlessly executed, my only criticism would be of the drums which i just couldnt get into, and perhaps shorten the intro? other than that nice work... sorry about the lame ass crit
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sweet electronic techno style. you might want to lower the distrotion on the drums a bit, I imagine you are using a drum machine of sorts, so perhaps it's that the volume is up too loud or something. I'm about halfway through this, and it's starting to get insanely repetitive. once this starts going(at about 2:20ish) it's not too bad, but it kinda starts to sound a little over crowded, at the same time, I do like the build up.

I listened to a couple more of your songs, just to get a feel for your genre, and to see where this piece fell among them. I liked the machine quite a bit. What are you using for effects?
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the guitar in the intro is pretty monotonous, needs more chord variation. after it ends it just seems to go on pointlessly with random noises.

the acoustic rhythm is interesting, i enjoyed that part but it too seemed to go on too long with just the same thing over and over.

i say overall in this song just work on your variation. mix it up a little more.

2:35 - i like this bit, the guitar with the other noises sounds better than the guitar alone in the beginning though its the same riff.. then again that riff remains repetitive here as well.

your only flaw in the otherwise creative piece is the repetition.

i really enjoyed the last minute and a half, didnt sound overcrowded to me. enjoyed it a lot actually.