I think i finally get scales or how to use a bit of it at least. Ok my singer made some lyrics with a guitar part I had already made and he asked me to made a solo. So I listened to the melody and I made a solo to the tune of the lyrics and it fit. In case you don't know what I am talking bout, its like the solo in Smells like Teen Spirit, it fits the lyrical melody. So my quesiton is... is this the right way to do stuff?

EDIT: oh I forget the reason I think i got it was that i follow the Major Pentonic scale to do this
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Where does understanding scales come into play here?
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if it works for u guys go for it, theres no real right or wrong ways to write songs
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Most solos are a variation on a main riff or a vocal part - it's quite common. If it adds to the song and fits well then who can argue with that?
why would it be wrong?

i think you're either bored and want to make a forum, or are a noob, and want to say you finally accomplished something.
ok thanks. To Korn-nut: actually neither, I was having a lot of trouble writing solos. So it finally clicked and i wanted to see if this is the proper way to use scales. Also was that comment needed?
i suppose not... sorry. i was just trying to say that there is no wrong way to do stuff.
Lots of solos are also alterations of the vocal melody. I personally thinks it sounds quite nice when not overused.
That's ONE way to write a solo, imo, not the best way. I usually listen to the chords of the song and outline them in a melody that relates to the chords using the correct scales and their modes for each chord, also keeping in mind arpeggios, and passing tones.
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...Scales are basically the most useless thing in jazz...

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i think you're either bored and want to make a forum, or are a noob, and want to say you finally accomplished something.

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Yes, it is very okay to use the lyrical melody to write solos. And, as for your question about using scales, I will often times use the scale for the key to write lyrical melodies, and also write solos based off the same scale I used to write the lyrical melody. Whatever you find scales useful for, use them!