i know its time to upgrade my amp, but what amp should it be? i want a tube amp, but my budget is only like 700. any suggestions for great sounding amps for metal and what not.
For metal and what not? What does that mean? You want a versatile amp, or a metal amp. Randall and peavey make good metal amps, if you want versatility, though, buy a fender hotrod and an overdrive pedal.
im sure traynors are ok for metal but you may want something to push it if its not gainish enough for you
B-52 At-100
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You should save up about $1000 and look for a JCM900 stack on Ebay.
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the b-52's are horrible stock. but i've never tried one with a good cab or a re-tube.

a peavey XXX would be great.
so would a traynor with a boost, or a jcm 800/900.
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