People always say that when you're buying a new guitar, you should check it for fret buzz, check the finish and all the different parts to make sure theyr'e in perfect shape, etc... but the thing is, when you're buying a new guitar, you're usually buying a brand new one that they bring out from the stock room right? You're not actually buying the one that's out on display. So what's the point of checking all those things on the display-guitar when that's not the one you're actually buying?

Or do you guys ask for them to open up the new guitar for you to check it out before you buy it?
There's really no point in buying in-shop unless you take the one on display which you've tried.

I know that the last guitar I bought, they didn't even have a box for. I'm glad I bought a new gig bag with it, because otherwise I would've had to carry around a new guitar naked. I didn't even have a strap on me!

But the main thing is, insist on the display, or at least ask them to bring one out for you to try.
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I've never bought a guitar that they had to get from the back, i've allways boughten floor models though the point in checking them is to see if its good enough to buy a new one.
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Interesting... so you actually want to buy the floor model? Do you get a discount for buying the floor model? So is it generally not a good idea to buy a new guitar online then (even if you already know what model you want to buy), since you don't have a chance to inspect it first?
it is fine to buy a guitar online if you have tried out the same type, it just will not be the exact same. generally though, if you are buying from any reputable company it will be close enough to not make a huge difference if any
Well, buying a floor model guitar isn't like buying a pre-used piece of computer equipment or the test driver car. Whatever defects are there are readily apparent and you can use that for a starting point. But I have no problem buying right off the rack. I'd rather try a guitar and get something that's not cosmetically perfect than buy something I know will be perfect cosmetically but I'm unfamiliar with tonally and feel-wise.
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i also buy the floor models because the shops around here are small...so what you see is what you get, they dont have any others in the basement...they have to order another one..and im getting my new Austin on a 100 dollar off deal, and if i ordered it brand new instead of taking the floor model, i wouldnt get that deal...which would suck...and i played the Austin like a few hours after they got it, then i put it on layaway so myself and the owner of the store are the only ones that have played it so far
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If you're buying in-store, insist on buying the one that you have played and checked out. As for buying online, most places (such as Musicians Friend etc.) have a return policy that allows you to play and inspect the guitar to make sure you are happy with it.
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i like to get the floor model. sometimes i can find a small scratch and get it for cheeper.still sounds great.
just play the one they bring out in the box. you people make it sound so complicated.
I bought my S470DXQM last week right off the shelf after playing it for around half an hour. I would never even think of buying a guitar without playing it first.
my epi les paul was the floor model, even my amp is the floor model. I can see why people wouldnt want to buy floor models though. I was looking at some fender strats at a local guitar center and they where all beat up (my guess is that its just a popular model so it got tried alot) so i wouldnt buy a floor model of it but i would want to play the guitar i would be buying no matter what. Im sure they will let you try the guitar they pull out of the back for you.
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Will two guitars of the same model have a different tone ever or is it just smaller things like fret buzzing?
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all of teh guitars ive ever bought i tried out for an hour AT LEAST before i bought them. some places are better than others with their stock of showroom models, and this place called easy music has great deals on all sorts of gear all the time, like an R15 they had for 139 on sale for 89 bucks. a Line 6 spider II 30 watt for 260 and the 15 watt for 220... but the 15 watt was normal price... and you can just grab a guitar off the wall; Diamond anniversary strat, double neck whatever by ibanez and play as long as you like. they will even recommend settings and stuff. great place.s
I thought you had to buy them off the rack. So far I've bought a total of 3 guitars and I've just picked them up, loved them, and then taken them home. If you want one from a box you have to order it, at least that's what I thought. And to be honest if I'm going out to buy a guitar I can't be stuffed waiting to order it.
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The last guitar I baught was online. I tried it out in the shop first, then looked at it online and realised I could get it for ?270 cheaper.

Guitar shops around here are a totaly rip off.

I love haggling at the guitar shops so instead of beign a rip off it's a good deal.
If I buy one from a store I would ALWAYS buy the one I tried playing first.
That's the whole benefit of going to a store vs ordering online. Why would
you NOT do that?!

No 2 guitars are ever going to be exactly the same. Resonance characteristics
can vary quite a bit even with the same model. Not to mention overall setup and
imperfections and QC.
My new guitar is a floor model, they knocked off a fair bit of money because a couple of dings here and there.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
I guess it makes sense to buy the one that you get to inspect, but it does seem weird to buy a brand "new" guitar that's been played by a bunch of random people already.
Yes and no. If you've ever bought a car, most people don't custom order them. They just take what's on the lot. And no car you buy on the lot is going to have straight 0s across the odometer. It's just the nature of the beast. And I completely agree with edg, especially when you're talking about high end instruments. If I spend $1,500+ on a guitar, it better be EXACTLY what I want and I want to know its characteristics before I buy it. In fact, I'm so ardent about it, I'm kind of wary about doing my own custom guitar build.
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I have never been to a guitar store that had a number of guitars "in the back". What they have, they put out there. That is unless it is some sort of starters pack. It doesn't make sense for a guitar store to have a few thousand dollar guitars just collecting dust in the back. So you buy the guitar you try. As mentioned before, no two guitars sound the same so you would have to be obtuse to decide you want a different one after you find one you like. Additionally I have never been to a guitar store where the prices are fixed, so if there is a scratch tell them to lower the price.
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I would NEVER buy a guitar I hadn't actually held in my hands...

About 20 years ago I got a Les Paul, that I HAD actually played in the store, but after about a week at home I started to notice that the strings 'choked out' around a certain area of the neck. I took it to my favorite guitar expert, and he told me that the neck was "ever so slightly" twisted.

Luckily, (after some debating) the place I got it from said they'd replace it, but they didn't have a replacement in stock, so on that occasion I had to give "my" LP back, and just wait for a replacement to arrive by mail.

I got lucky, and the replacement was 100% top-notch, but I remain unhappy about getting a guitar I'd never even tried out.

Try before you buy.

That's what I'd say.