Hey recently acquired a bass guitar, so I thought i'd finally put something together with bass, drums, guitar and vocals etc. Otherside has always been a small project of mine so here it is. Be nice, vocals are a little sketchy i know. Enjoy

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damn dude this is pretty good, Good job!!! I enjoyed it for sure, definitely a good cover of otherside!!!!!
i was looking forward to the bridge with the slap bass part.. but obviously u just got a bass so its understandable
Good job none the less
Work to live, not live to work.
lol yeah apologies for the quick ending, i'll work on it yeah...more laziness than inability lol, thx for the crit dude.
nice nice work.
really good vocals there.
but instruments are a bit too calm for my taste
i'm used to a pretty forcefull "otherside".

Intro goes: "...slitten my throat its all i ever..." and then normally it should get a lil louder. but it's not. I don't know whats missing... drums n base may be a lil too quiet?

try to get it nearer to the original.
Due to the orders from unborn to finish the damn thing with the slap bass solo etc, i thought i might give it a sloppy go, so i've just missed the second verse out and gone for it. once again, link in sig. thanks for the crit.