OK I've seen everyone talking about bootleg performances from here, there and everywhere and have decided I'd like to expand my music collection past the studio albums, released live recordings etc . . . so where is a good place to start collecting bootlegs? How much do they roughly cost? Are the p2p networks such as Limewire as good a source as the CDs/tapes etc floating round? What is the best way of getting them?
Could someone please ansewr these few questions and generally give me an overview on collecting bootlegs, thanks.

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I'm pretty sure there's already quite a few *official* bootleg threads... just a heads up
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Thanks, maybe I should be a little less lazy. But I still have one question which I didn't find in those - is p2p the best source of bootlegs, or is it in some way better to buy the CDs off someone?

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Just go to www.dimeadozen.org (you have to sign up but it's very good - torrents) or www.archive.org/audio/etreelisting-browse.php

Please use the other threads though if you have more questions.
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