I tried out a 2000 les paul special in a guitar shop today, and I thought it sounded AMAZING for a guitar of it's price ($600) and this was after playing a '59 custom. I have a pretty small budget (under $1000) and this seemed like a very guitar for my skill level and udget. An opinions on them? And I was also looking at an amp, I think a Roca amp or along those lines, but it had effects INSIDE of it. I'veheard bad things about these, but It sounded amazing. I was playing through it, and the phaser effect sounds exactly like the one Van Halen used, but I'm still worried of it blowing out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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on the amp just make sure the effects dont sound really bad. as long as you are happy with it is the bigger issue.
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No the effects sound great, I'm just afraid of how long it will last, because a $200 amp +4 pedals DOES NOT = $225 (the asking price)