I'm only 13, but I think I make some decent songs, beside my voice that is still up there. But hey I got to start somewhere. So here's a song I wrote today and its my first one. (Sorry I dont have the music perfect yet, so I dont want to post any MP3's yet). This took me 7 min exactly to write.

Watch out boy
This girl uses technology
Get off the floor
She dont care for herbology
You screwed you
This girl hunts with passion
Fool on the hill
I'm gonna laugh when you're dashin

Now dont tell me youre gonna hit the show
Youll have to wait in line, its cold
Her eyes will be peeled for your face
Rest on leather, jump in the car just in case
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Well obviously it HAS to be longer, but I don't think it's too bad, if bit overused. Nice work for a first try. Keep at it.
I like it.
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thats no good at all

Dude, what's wrong with it? I thought it was pretty good, especially for a first piece. Keep it up, bud.
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this screams out cliche, and if thats what you want, then thats fine, but if you dont want to be cliche, go back to the drawing board with this one. I wil say that it does have potential. The only wrong thing you can do is give up. Just keep writing man.
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