so ya i want to record a drum beat for some of my songs on audacity...but heres the thing...i have no drum set.

so i was wondering if any one knows any free drum machines i could download to do this...

what i want on it:
1) MUST be able to use the key board to play it... i dont want and of that crap where you set it up in some sort of form thing, i want to be able to play it live.

2) i would prefer if there is some kind of buiult in recording thing in it.

so ya...thanks ahead of time for the help.

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hammerhead is allright i used it but try rhythm rascal its free on the net too... its good enough and the midi sounds like real drums so try it
^ thats expensive, and then recording a full drum set is no picnic. that takes money, time, patience, and then you still have to be able to actually play the drums.

i know that many of the mid to upper range recording programs that have sequencers are able to do things like this. like i know you can plug a keyboard into fruity loops and what you play will show up in the piano roll, but i dont think you can set keys to be different sounds (ie. one snare, one kick, etc.), i think they are just different pitches. i could be wrong since i dont use a keyboard, but i dont think so. other programs such as cubase, reason, or protools may allow you to do this, but i am not familiar enough with any of those programs to know what they can or cannot do.

i suggest you delete this thread and ask this again in the main Riffs and Recordings forum. there are people there that know these programs well, and im sure someone will be able to direct you to a program that is exactly what you want.