can some one please clarify how the pickup switch on a 3 way switch works.
I think that the treble uses the pickup closest to the bridge
the rythm uses the pickup closest to the neck
and the middle part spilts the two

but i just wanted to double check
the middle uses both i believe, i dont think they are split. but i could be wrong
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rhythm=neck (warmer sound, think slash's solos)
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Switch toward the neck = neck pickup. Use it for a warmer sound. Rythym guitar players use this setting, usually.

Switch in the middle = both pickups are used.

Switch toward the bridge = higher sound, used for screaming solos. Also, sometimes punk guitarists use this, since some punk bands only have one guitarist.
well the rhythm pickup varies for most guitars, Sometimes it uses both bridge and neck pickup and sometimes it uses the half or neck and half of bridge.