Sometimes when i try to play the E or B strings my Strat buzzes out makeing power chroding impossople, is there aney way to fix this.
I herd if u rase the action it helps, but i have no clue what a action is.

Can someone give me instructions (prefrably with pictures so i know what im doing) on how to fix this?
wowowo. u have this on a strat? fret buzzing on a strat?!!?!

the only thing u can do is throw it away now.[the guitar]
The action is basically the string height in relevence to the frretboard. So the higher the action, the more pressure you must appy to fret a note. As to knowing how to raise the action, I'm not sure.
Uh, when was the last time you changed your strings? And what strings you got on your strat? As simple as that sounds it could be a culprit.

Adjust the black screws, yu'll need an allen key. And don't forget to loosen the strings a bit before you raise the saddles (gold things in this pic)
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Just remember if you raise your action too high, you will have to work at bending the strings.

well obviously you would keep it at a suitable level
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thanks, and i changed my stings a few months ago

Uh, how often do you play that you changed strings "a few months ago"? Just curious cuz I was told every 2-3 months MAX if you don't play long or regularly and take care to wipe the sweat off 'em every time you play and that if ya play gigs, you should change them a couple days before each gig.

Guess this could be a whole new thread- care and feeding of strings LOL