i constanly post that i need advice for a new amp, but i'm guess everyone over looks my thread

anyways, my budget is like 700 us dollars. i would like maybe something tube. anything that sounds good for metal like dream theater, korn, metallica, shadows fall, sabbath, godsmack, lte, megadeth, atreyu, unearth, etc. but is also good for like red hot chili peppers, trapt, led zeppelin, pink floyd, etc.

Check out Peavey's and Mesa's although some of the models such as the Dual Rectifier, or some of the Peavey combos are a little higher than your price range, at around a $1000 or more.
XXX doesnt have an "amazing" clean. Its a more a hardcore amp than anything else
120w head is $1150.00us 40w combo about $850.00 Check out musiciansfriend.com.
Yea I don't think your going to get any new good combo amp for that budget . You probably should look at eBay and buy something used, or wait a little bit until you can spend a few hundred more.
get that peavey van halen head, i think its called the 5150 or seomthing like that, its cheep and sounds awesome
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Fender hot rod deluxe combo is a 600 dollar amp with great cleans and decent overdrive. My general rule of conduct is to get an amp with good cleans, coz the gain can always be made better with some tweaking and pedals

yeah "nord" has a point. Even Zakk uses an overdrive on his marshalls. Traynor ycv50 is a 50watter, and you'll be able to get a british type overdrive before the pedal is turned on, and the cleans are pretty good. Amp is about 650.00
I agree somewhat, however, for the styles you like (Korn, Trapt, metallica), i don't think it's really for you just unless you buy a distortion pedal. So you might wanna look at some other amps because I don't think that will provide the distortion you're looking at for that type of music.
^I always forget to mention this in my eagerness to give advice, but you really should go to a store and try out amps for yourself and see what you like. Only you can be the judge of that.

You really shouldn't ask on UG about what you should buy, though, coz most of the people (including me) are kids who don't have so much experience with amps and guitars that they really should be handing out advice such as this.

Of course, getting recomendations on what to try out is fine, but you really should consult someone like a guitar teacher about what you should get

Edit: That was for the post 2-3 replies ago

As for the overdrive channel... Well, i agree its not the best metal amp, but in that price range, if you want an amp with good cleans, which you can at least get to sound good for metal with an overdrive pedal (30-40 bucks for a tubescreamer) i think fender hotrod would suit you fine. However, you need to try em out
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yep but check out the fender and the traynor as both are amazing for their money and if you need to boost it get the tubescreamer