Which guitar would you guys recommend?

Agile AL-3000 with slim neck


Epiphone Les Paul Ultra

Which one is a better LP?
The Les Paul Ultra is a bad choice for heavy distortion. It basically a semi-hollow body. It gets feedback more than solid body Les Pauls.

Get the Agile AL-3000 slim neck, or Les Paul Plain-Top.
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Agile all the way, the Les Paul will give you bad feedback because it's similar to a hollowbody.
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I was thinking of the plain top, but they are like $900 CAD. I think i'll go with the AL-3000. It should (with case and shipping) come to about $500 CAD.


I have seen some reviews that complain about crappy fretwork on the agiles though. And complaints about being sent the wrong model... Hope mine is right...

One more question... Can you take the pickguard off the agile? Are there any holes where it was?
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^ I would assume so, if it's attached like a regular les paul pickguard, then there's gonna be tiny holes, barley noticeable though.