Hey im gettin a new guitar and need it to be $200-$300. I like bands like Velvet Revolver, Rock n Roll Soldiers (obviously cause of my name), Jet, Red Hot Chili Peppers, White Stripes, Weezer, and I play a little classic rock. Any suggestions?

i might not know much about guitars but i play the same stuff and i have been using a peavey raptor and it's pretty good for $200. It's gotten me through a year of good playing so far
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The Epiphone Special II model....Costs around $200 and it plays like a $500 guitar! I have one of these guitars and it is just amazing for its price. I had some profesional guitarists play this guitar and they were rather impressed!
It is good for almost any kind of music. I suggest you go to a music store and give it a try.
Peavey Raptor is not a great guitar, my friend had one so i know.
Ibanez guitars are great; but for your musical taste it wont be the best.
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I'm pretty sure Peavey HP Sig EX's are around $299 on musiciansfriend.com. They have a basswood body, set neck, full body neck and headstock binding, and a tune-o-matic bridge. I own the EXP which is the higher end version but I've also played these ones and they sound very good for a $300 guitar. If I were you I'd give them a look at.