Yea im learning the solo to walk so me and my band can cover it. I can play the Solo slow since the pattern is really simple,its just the speed thats so hard. If I just keep goin over it slow will I eventually build up the speed to play it? Or does anyone have some speed building tips so I can get it down?
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go slow then go faster and faster. that ones not too hard so it shouldnt take too long. if you play it enough itll become natural to your fingers and when it does you can play it fast. just make sure not to bite off more than you can chew take it one lick at a time
thanks man thats what im doin,takin it one little box at a time just goin over it over and over. hopefully i'll have it down soon,if anyone has any tips though,feel free to share,also if anyone else knows this solo how long did it take you?
I know the solo it took me about two months to learn and about two more to get it down, but I learned it by ear by trial and error. Like they said just keep on kickin' it and soon enough it'll just come to you as a warm-up lick