I was wondering if, when using Audacity, you can adjust the frequency to make a guitar sound like a bass, using the top 4 strings. I am recording some new material and dont have a bass but have both guitar parts done already. Any help would be really appreciated.
yeah i do this all the time for fun, you record the bass line an select the whole track an goto that thing with all the effects an change the pitch down -12 tone thingys an you might wanna do a bass boost too
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^ semitones.

I used to do that but it's horrible.

Not only does the sound get very muddy, but you get timing problems because audacity doesn't compensate the time exactly right.

I would seriously think about get a cheap bass, because not only will it record better (not to mention sound like a bass) but it's easier and more creative to work out the bass parts on a bass.

Plus, it'll probably imporve your guitar playing a bit.