ok when i sweep pick i always get note buzzes all the time... when you guyz sweep pick do you have to mute the strings or something???
practice a lot, when you release a string, you should release enough to mute it so it dosnt ring out, its all about working on it and getting it extra clean.

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Yeah you have to mute every string right after you pull your finger off it. i actually suck at sweeping though (mostly because i cant mute the strings)
Sweep picking is hard, but any true Creed fan should know how to do it.
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haha true true

well i found this site that says you have to mute it with your left hand thumb and another that says use your palm... i find the thumb one to be impossible but the palm muting one makes it sound too muted.... does the amount of gain effect it??

edit: i saw this guy sweep pick in gc and he ph-ed at the same time so i know theres gotta be quite a bit of gain but he did it smooth as an asian chicks ass
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could someone name a song with good sweeping in it??? I think i know what it is, but i need an example. Please.
Umm ok there is one true main master who, if your a serious guitar player should know, who is internationally worshiped for his classical to rock style of godliness and perfection and who uses sweep picking as an art. Whos is this mystery man??? Anyone??? Yep, it's Ynqwie Malmsteen. This man will impress you and at the same time depress you with his impossible riffs and classical conversions. Look up anything on him, prefferable Black Star, Arpeggios From Hell, Blitzkrieg and you will satisfy your crave for clean sweep examples. Also, there is a sensational death metal band called Necrophagist and they apply the same thing to their music and are very, very clean but are also horrifically fast and complicated so I warn you about trying to replicate their songs yourself.
A) please spell yngwie properly. i have no idea where the q came from :P
b) probably one of the best sweepy songs out there is "perpetual burn" by jason becker. also look at speed kills/no boundries by michael angelo batio...has some nice sweepy parts.
oooo im sooo sry for putting a q there.. omg .. someone shoot me ... -_- comon man
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