hey guys...this is my first "recording" so the quality is really crappy, and i screwed up a lot of the notes, cuz 1) i was rushed and 2) i was sorta nervous, but either way, please lemme know what you think of it...one last note, I will record a track with better quality, and less "nervousness", as soon as i get a line-in cord, versus putting my laptop next to my amp...but anyway...
yeah, i programmed them myself, but they were out of sync with the guitar, because i made the drum track, then the guitar part...so that was dumb on my part...see, i was just using Audacity to record, and Acoustica Beatcraft to make the drums, but i was trying to see if they would both run at the same time, that way i could see the progress of the original drum track...so i could keep in time with that, so that screwed up the timing as well...so i will try to fix that soon, cuz today is my last day of school...it's my "Spanish final" whoop-dee-doo...but when i get home i'll work on getting the timing better...anyway, thanks man :-)
Oh yeah, i'll check your song out too!
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yeah, i need to make the drums a bit softer...but i'm not a drummer, so please excuse me for that...;-)
It was good for a first recording, some pretty cool riffs in there. The lead fills were decent, but a little sloppy at points and they sounded a bit out of place with just the drum backing. It does get off time at points, you should get an idea of what you are doing, make drums around it, and then record what you are playing over the drum track, that way you know it will be on time.

Sorry I took so long to crit back.