Im a huge fan of John Frusciante and when I heard he had a big muff, I thought I'd give it a try. All told, I ended up spending around 100$, warranty included. That's a bit more expensive than i would have liked, and because I also own a 535Q, I feel i could achieve the same tone of the muff with a DS-1 and the 535. Also, does anyone have any pedal suggestions? Right now I only have the muff and 535, and I like just having a bare minimum of pedals, so any necesities I'd like to know about. My amp is the Vox AD50VT and I play a Fender Fat Strat.
Thanks in advance
That Muff was a good buy. In my opinion, Big Muffs are pretty much thhe sickest distortion boxes ever made. I doubt you could get the same tone out of a DS-1, although that's a bit of a more versatile pedal. The Muffs are really great for grunge and the like, and AMAZING on bass. But they're not very good for playing more than 2 or 3 notes from a chord. I think it sounds best on bass, and for ringing leads.
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Also, when Im using my big muff it makes this almost unbearable hum thats the worst ive ever heard, regardless if i mute the strings. Im wondering if this is normal or do i have a faulty muffer?
If you like Frusciante you need a compressor. It's gotten me tons closer to his sound, the CS-3 works well unless you're loaded and can afford a Keeley comp.

Edit: my muff is pretty quiet, actually it's silent. Pop it open or get it checked out.
Really? your big muffs silent? I am using it with overdrive, which may or may not contribute to it. Alone, its relatively silent, but it just doesnt cut enough and doesnt increase in volume at all
And should i subsitute the muff for a compressor/sustainer? I may be able to buy a boss one (CS-3) from a friend and then buy the ds-1, where as i'd if i stick with the muff, thats all im gettin (although it also doubles for sustain)
^I've found that going guitar --> compressor --> overdrive with the tone turned down gets very close to the big muff sound, close enough that I don't have the muff in my pedal chain anymore. You can also turn the tone up a bit to get the cut you said you were missing.
hmm..i think i may return my big muff. Its a helluva cool looking pedal, but for a 100 smackers, im just not sure its quite worth it. Any ideas are still very needed, although thanks for the comp suggestion
Only get a compressor if you're after John's BSSM tone for q a few songs.

What sort of John sounds are you actually looking for?

And yea, take your Muff back, then get a used one off eBay or something, if you like the tone that is.
And rememeber, for John's distortion sounds, use the neck pickup on your Strat when you're using distortion etc.
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Actually, Im looking for post-californication tone, not BSSM tone. Dont get me wrong, Im a huge fan of BSSM, but its just not viable for what Im trying to play. I do, however, feel that i should return the big muff. I think ill just settle for the DS-1 or maybe the MXR distortion+
If you want to shape the Big Muff's sound to do a more rhytmic section with it I'd recommend an Equalizer pedal.
I would if i could, but thats another 100 bucks that i dont have, although ill definately keep that in mind for when i do