It´s good to be away

Back is the front door to reflection
But everyday we push forward
And bump our heads
Ain´t that sad

No it isn´t sad
Sad is the so so
When the Question is
"are You happy"

Yes, being happy is
being happy
but there´s a secret to it
and secrets come with wispers
if you don´t want to say it out loud
i understand
i understand

Ain´t this a fine book
(critics say it is!)
Ain´t art wonderful
Ain´t man a living energy
that flows trough everything
A variety of
on a show
full of shocking scenes
and the drama
is a anti climax
when you just go away
it´s good to be away
You´re just outside
well i sure can see thom yorke singing this...wish i had his voice -.-
You´re just outside