Im using a Line 6 Toneport to play and record etc. through my comp.

often time while playing at my computer... screwing with GearBox and all that crap, while im not playing and am turning on screen knobs whatever, I hear radio stations coming through my amp. If I play off of the computer, like, in my living room or wherever, obviously, no problem.

Whats the deal with this? has anyone had this happen? or know how to stop it?
What you are experiencing is called RFI, Radio Frequency Interference. Radio waves are present all around us depending on what shielding is available. Chances are it?s one of your cables that aren?t shielded properly. It?s happened to me once when I used an extension cord and ended up listening to Papa Roach in the playback lol. Try swapping cables and see if that solves the problem.
pickups are also known to pick up radio frequencies
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