Whats the best way to run your guitar through your computer to record. I just got a Pod Xt Live like a week ago and so im still learning how to work that. Any suggestions?
to tell you the truth i have got the best tone by having my amp not to loud and micing the amp (i use a shure 57b or something like that) but i havent been very succesful goin straight to the computer
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what i do is mic my amp with a shure sm57 into my recording interface into a software called cubase.If you want to get fancy you can throw in a preamp before the mic
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u should have checked out the digitech gnx4 , which is 100$ more then the xt live, or the gnx3, which is 100$ less. ethier one i think is better then the pod xt live. the gnx4 is basically the same as the gnx 3 but it has some extra goodie that i didnt think was worth the extra money that i didnt have. but any way the bnoth have an 8 track digital recorder built in to them and they both come with cake walk , which is an editing softwear for songs. and they have a drum machine built in to them. a jam man2 looper. and it has bass amps and effects that u can record bass lines with. i had the pod xt live and it was pretty sweet. but i was dissapointed in the riff works recording softwear. and took it back after i read about the gnx3. The gnx3 has all the stuff i just listed and its 100 bucs cheaper. all though the podxt has more amp models and effects. but id say the quality of the effects are about the same.
Your PODxt has a USB output and should have come with a cable to hook it up to your computer. What software do you currently have?