Pushing my self over the edge
i want nothing more then the words i lack
i feel so engraved to you now
my time is so far away, time you've handed me?
I feel so little, i'v got to run from these fears
just like you claim, restitution
it's no different
for you

why would i even think
why would i even think to question eyes so blue
your fiber glass would keep me sick
cut and scratch your time away
why would i question eyes so blue
kiss forbid..thoes rules
those words pass on
why would i even question you
sincery ryan nair *****
i dont really have titles just alot of finished instrumentals for songs and random lyrics i throw on each song of mine

silk i guess is a temp name
sincery ryan nair *****
Hey bro, read the FAQs, sorry. Only one post per day, two per week. I found out the hard way too. Delete some of the threads please.