This friend of mine (whos a girl who doesnt play guitar) has a fender frontman (25w) and she will sell it to me for $15-$20. Right now i have a crappy CRAPPY peavey transtube and im saving up for an AC30 by the end of the summer. Should i spend 20 bucks and get a fender frontman (i play rock, alternative, and indie). I hear the cleans are great so im just looking for some input

Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it.
Provided it all works properly, yes. Heck, even if it's missing a few knobs, your saving $70 (15W) to $100 (25W).
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Strangely, the cleans are pretty good. The distortion is passable, sounds very classic rocky. A hell of alot better than the transtube (trust me, I owned one, played my friends frontman too)
so how good is the amp? i know the overdrive blows but how are the cleans? is it worth 20 bucks?

its better than an mg and transtube right?
If it sounds bad, just sell it and get 30-40 bucks outta it for your ac30 fund(i'm gettin one too).
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I'd buy it just to gut it and stick a bunch of tubes in it
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