Hey I'm looking for a good amplifier that's in the range of $200-400 Canadian (150-300 American or so) that would be good for the likes of Metallica, Trivium and Children of Bodom. I need something around 50 watts so that I can play smaller gigs like my school cafeteria (1500 sq feet). I've heard many people on these forums refer to the Roland Cube 60. Can anyone possibly post some audio clips. And as for guitar, right now I'm stuck deciding whether to buy a new amp or move up to the Shecter C1 Hellraiser-FR.

P.S - How would the Vox AD50VT be for my selected artists. By the way, I have an Epiphone Special II, GCB-95 Crybaby, Uber Metal Pedal, and Yamaha Flanger all of which I intend to run through my hopefully new amp.
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I own a Peavey Studio Pro 112 and it's a very good solid state amp. I usually play most of that stuff you do and I think it sounds excellent for a $300 amp. The Vox is more suited towards rock and blues, but I think it would handle those styles alright though.