I have been playing guitar for almost a year now and am in highschool. What i am trying to say is that i have been in a band with a friend for like 5 months now and we have written about 4 good songs but have gone through about 3 drummers and still havent found a person that is dedicated. And yet we are still looking for a lead singer and horn section. I myself have been trying my best for just starting. i still havent learned to solo or learn alot of stuff i would like to and this entire band thing just is taking more time away from that and its taking the inspiration out of me seeing so many people play that are better then me. I am only freshman is highschool to. So should i stay in the band but ask them not to get sereous about it yet? or just tell them to take time off for a while? or should i leave it all together? I really dont know what to do and i want to be good any sugestions?
to tell you the truth, there are few high school musicians who are mature and focused enough to stick with a band. from my personal experience, it is very hard to find "dedicated" musicians in high school. if bad drummers are pulling you down (and bad drummers pull you down BIG time), do what I did and play with just your friend. if he's dedicated, it's gonna be a lot more productive, and you'll learn more if the two of you just focus together instead of going nuts trying to coordinate a bad drummer. then later on, as you become a better musician (and so do your drummer friends), try starting up a band again. and don't be intimidated by better musicians! the longer you play, the better your ear gets, the better your fingers get, and you'll catch up soon enough. and learn your music theory! even a little helps (especially if you want a horn section).
I dont wanna sound mean, but why do you want a horn section? what kinda music do you play?
that wasnt mean?

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I didnt want it to sound mean, i just wanna know what kinda music horns go with, i can't imagine them going with anything