Righty, i know allot of you may know i defend the gutiar -> souncard way i recording ,which works fine for me. but. i was lying down before listening to my MP3 player and thought..

i know toneports work by going guitar->bam->USB port on PC.

and my MP3 has a usb port and a 1/4 input for headphones (out, i assume) and i know i can plug my guitar into it but. is their any actual way i can use an Mp3 player to bridge the connection to PC usb port? lol
so it would be like

Guitar->amp->amp out->MP3 headphone jack->UAB @ Pc.

Now, i don't expect there to be a way because the 1/4 slot is an Out and the software onthe MP3 isnt programed to do this lol.

BUT, any of you have any thoughts,am i wrong and is it possible?

Also, do you get cables which has 1/4 slot on one end and USB on other? probaly not but, worth asking....i just dont wana buy a toneport lol..

lol good idea but it definately wont work. lol sorry, a headphone jack sends singnals out and if theres a line in going through it nothing will happen, not to mention the mp3 player having no idea what to do with a signal like that.
Hardware wise, it mgiht be remotely possible, but you would need a driver to tell the hardware how to handle somehting like hat. You won't be able to do that with an MP3 player unless it's one of the types that also does recording.
It does. But, tis got an extrena built in mic :/ and it does have a "microphone source" option in settigns but, it wont change, only has 1 option evidently.