I dont know much about guitar internals, so pardon my ignorance. If i put p90 pickups in my crap ibanez, would it sound like a gibons sg? And what about those guitar kits. Are they worth the money if you buy the electronics you want?
i dont think P90s fit in all guitars, you need to a different kind, I think its P100's?NO IDEA

But no, beacuse of the different shape of the ibanez compared to the SG and different wood, and most SG's use gibson humbuckers
No, it won't sound like an SG.

but... for digging P-90's!
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if you're talking about kits like this:

i wouldn't mind buying one of those for $150 or $100 if i wanted to build a guitar.

The only thing I'd get on top of that are new tuners, new pickups, new strings... and I can't think of anythign else. It might not be that great of a guitar, but it'd still be fun building one.
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ok...no P-90s/aka soapbars only fit a rare few routings (ibanez not being one of them). and ive never heard of a P100....it could exist, ive just never heard of it,

you wont be able to get your guitar to sound like a gibson just because its not, completely different wood, shape, settup, etc.

you could however go the route of some virtual PAF humbuckers (go to www.dimarzio.com and look under the vintage pickup section). that would ger you close

what kind of pup layout does the guitar have currently
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