What do you all think?
I'm referring to the humbuckers that are the size of a single coil, for example Hot Rails.

I want to play everything BUT metal/punk/emo/crap.. but I do like Steve Vai, classic rock, I donno ya know just good stuff that's not too distorted or heavy.

I like the neck PU on my MIM Strat but rarely use the bridge PU so I figure, since I'll be getting an American Strat someday I might as well make this one a bit different
Two options

Cheaper option: Wire your tone knob on the middle pickup onto your bridge pickup. This controls all that ice pick like sounds that absolutely blows your ears out. You might like it, and if you do, you save some money that goes towards your MIA strat

More expensive option: Seymour duncan lil59 or lil screaming demon