I've been playing a few years and this is something I've always gone back and forth on,strap up/ strap down thing is I feel more comfortable with my guitar hung low(as far as the strap goes) when I play standing up.But its harder to do chords(power/barre/) and my pinky doesn't stretch as well,its not impossible to play this way I can do everything I can do with the guitar up high just not as..... effortlessy,I guess is the only way to put it. Its not just that it looks cooler(though it does)but its more comfortable for my pick hand to play that low. And also when I play with the guitar up high my shoulders feel uncomfortable, mostly my fret hand shoulder. My main problem is my index and ring fingers tend to push inwards (towards each other) when I do power/barre chords. Is there anything to do to fix or lessen my problem?
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I think the most important thing is comfort. I play with mine not at my feet but rather low. Ehm the angle you have the guitar at. If you slant it more your fretting hand will be a big higher and you can still you nearly a straight arm to pick with. That help at all?
comfort is the most important. I have a flying v so i have to wear my guitar about middle but i recon if u r good at the guitar and it feels ok,u shd wear urs low,though if its a big strech for ya pinky,u may wanna raise it a bit higher.I dont like people who wear it really high as it makes u look like a midget
it really does depend what im doing, for example riff's i normally play quite low purely because its more comfortable, whereas if im soloing ill rest it on my knee, so i can get more control over what im doing and not make my picking sloppy
Kind of depends on the guitar; for example, I use my Gibson V at a really low setting, but my washburn I put a little bit higher; I feel if you're doing a lot of heavy strumming, it's best to put the guitar relatively low.
thanx for your help blucrave.I forgot to say I play a Fender Jaguar and all the weight is in the front of the body and it makes the guitar hang at a certain angle when Ijust let it hang so I have to pull it up or push it down when I want to or need to.I want a Sonic Blue Mustang(hardtail) with a Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invader in the bridge, that's my dream guitar.
Also postion the guitar on your left leg when you're sitting down and it'll be almost the exact same position as when you stand.