what do you think of green day's metal songs? they hve really crzy wild solos on kerplunk! I hope you metlheads like green dasy too? i mosh to them with my metal friends too. io like a7x and POD too
Don't make the same mistake your parents did...

Use a condom.
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Quit trolling, cum-bum.


*edit: Quit bumping the thread, n00bs!!
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butt the punk forum has a thred sayin green day is n0t punk so i posted here? i''m sorry should i close this ten? how do i close
Hit "Edit" on your first post, check 'delete thread' box, and click on 'delete this thread'.
Although I find it hard to believe you are serious, I will help you and everyone else by advising you to click delete on your first post. Take this to the pop punk forum.
You can't close it because;

A.) You're not a moderator.
B.) You're banned.
if you have belief in ur soul and jesus you can do anything