A little poem me wrote.

Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves fall from the tree
That gave them all what they need

Autumn leaves a cold, cold yellow
A coloured palet of these empty streets

Autumn leaves and winter enters
No more light, no more sun, no more heat

Autumn leaves and I am happy
Free to wander through these streets
On the sixth day God created mankind, I say it is a waste of time.
My project: _simple_city
Last edited by LGM at Jun 6, 2006,
I really loved the first two stanzas, especially the different meaning with "leaves". However, the second half of the poem really left me disappointed, it had all started so promisingly and... It just fell away. In fact, I liked the fifth line, so I'll say the last three lines let it down for me.

Overall, it gets a 7/10. Good stuff.