our band is looking for a rythem guitar player..
now, i've seen some that want to join the band, but they dont really play that good
my question is, how good do they need to be?, they're the rythem guitar.. so there wont be and serious demands..
how do i know when is he good enuf.. ?
Good knowledge of chords yeah, let the lead guitarist play together with each one of them and look if there's a nice chemistry between the two.
a good of sense rhythm would be a start. it might seem small, but a good steady beat is a precious comodity to a guitar player
chords and good sence a rhythm, yea thats probably what he should have
but the are some difficult riffs we're working with..
things like the drummer is doing 4\4 and the bass and guitar are playing 7\8
so on the 4th time it would balance back to 4\4... becouse it will be 28\8
and alot of the ones i played with (im the lead guitarist) hadn't really had much luck with it..
Recording him playing some kill em all song and see if he can keep up with a song begining to end, and then compare it to the original song.While the riffs themselves arent that hard, you cant play em at all if you dont have a goodsense of rhythem.
learn some Black Label Society. Not Zakks part tho. I think the rhythm guitarist is called Nick Catanese. Also, if u havnt got their DVD Boozed, Bruized and Broken Boned... GET IT NOW! there r guitar lessons on there.
Gooby Pls.
have him play something from start to finish without screwing up and have him read some chort charts. the former establishes that he's at least competent and has enough attention span to learn a whole song, and the latter shows he knows chords well enough to learn your songs quickly. the second is very important, the most valuable rhythm guitarist is a fast learning rhythm guitarist, or at least one who will put some damn effort in and have it ready by next practice.