HI! I'm having a problem in the chord G.

e l-3--------
B l-3--------
G l-4--------
D l-5--------
A l-5--------
E l-3--------

I can't hold the e, B, & E at the same time properly. When my e & B has a correct sound then the E will not sound well.(viceversa)

Can anyone please tell me a technique to do the chord G well.
Bar the third fret with your first finger close to the fret. Use your pinky to fret the A string, ring for the D string, and middle finger for the G string. Be sure your index finder is laying flat and none of the strings are near your joints. Should be fine.
try open g....
e l-3--------
B l-3-------- This is optional u can leave it open if u want
G l-0--------
D l-0--------
A l-2--------
E l-3--------
If you are really struggling, try angling your first finger slightly. If you are looking down on the fretboard as if you are playing the guitar, your finger should be straight down yet pivoted around a bit. Basically, rotate your barring finger about 45 degrees. Didnt explain it too well
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